Those that travel frequently up and down the M25, such as those that drive commercial vans for a living, will find their journeys made easier with the opening of the UK's biggest filling station.
The station has been opened between junctions 9 and 10 on the M25, between Heathrow and Gatwick, and has been designed to be accessible from either side of the motorway. The filling station is by far the largest ever built in the UK in terms of both the numbers of pumps and the sheer amount of fuel that is available.
Those visiting the petrol station will be treated to quite a sight, with a total of 141 fuel nozzles including, for the first time, autogas (Automotive liquefied petroleum gas). For convenience purposes, six HGV lanes will be in action; this has also been designed in a bid to reduce emission levels to drivers of smaller vehicles.
The petrol station's location was chosen as over 150,000 motorists ranging from family cars to Ford Transit vans to heavy goods vehicles use the M25 each day and with the capacity and facilities to serve up to 3,400 per day, it is sure to help those who need to make regular stops during the working day.
As you might imagine, with new Ford vans being some of the most economic commercial vehicles on the market, many van drivers may never even find themselves stopping at the services!