UK paper licenses to be scrapped in 2015

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has announced that the UK paper counterpart driving license will be scrapped from 8th June 2015.

The measure is being introduced in order to reduce cases of fraud, and is part of the ‘red-tape' removal policy currently being enforced by government motoring agencies. The announcement follows the scrapping of paper tax discs which took place earlier this year, with many of these types of services moving online in a bid to save an estimated £8 million. It is thought that the abolition of the paper license was supposed to occur in January, but the date has since been pushed back to ensure the process is fit for purpose, for drivers such as new Ford car owners.

From June next year onwards, insurance companies will now check drivers' licenses using MyLicense, which contains data provided by the DVLA. This can also be used by those looking to check their driving license and insurance details online, and has been produced in collaboration with the Motor Insurers Bureau. It is hoped that MyLicense will prevent drivers making false statements when taking out insurance policies, ensuring that motoring convictions are declared.

What you need to know

Those with a current photo card license will be able to discard of the paper license following 8th June 2015, although those with paper licenses only that were issued before 1998 should make sure to hold on to theirs. However, these will be updated to photo cards when renewing or changing details.

Updates to driving licenses, such as a change of address will now be able to be changed online, rather than sending off the paper license. A digital enquiry service is currently being developed, in order to provide employers, leading Ford car dealers, and car hire companies with information they would currently find using a paper license.

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