UK only EU Member showing increase in Commercial Vehicle Registrations this year.

As last month’s numbers were reported by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA), hopes for a rebound in the market were dashed, the exception being the UK, as March was the fifteenth consecutive month that the European Union’s demand for new commercial vehicles declined. The comparative analysis between the past twelve months and the previous twelve months shows a loss of 9.8 percent, with only the United Kingdom showing an increase in new commercial vehicle registrations, climbing by 7.7 percent; the rest of the EU country’s losses ranged from a 10.2 percent drop in France to as high as a 20.3 percent drop in Italy. Germany and Spain faired no better, with losses of 18.5 percent and 20.2 percent respectively.

Breaking the analysis down further, new commercial vehicle registrations for the first quarter of the year dropped by 11 percent as compared to 2012, with the UK’s registration numbers expanding by 6.6 percent, and France (which retains its role as market leader for the EU) declining by 10.7 percent as compared to 2012. Germany’s new commercial vehicle registrations dropped by over 16 percent, Spain dropped by 18.7 percent, and Italy accounted for an enormous decline with their first quarter registrations declining by 25 percent as compared to the prior year.

Breaking the numbers down further for the entire EU, the largest decline in new commercial vehicle registrations by class was from trucks, which fell by 16.8 percent, but was closely followed at 16.7 percent by new heavy commercial vehicles. Light commercial vehicle registrations fell by 9.9 percent, and bus and coach registrations fell by the lowest amount, 7.4 percent.

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