UK car sales on the up for the third month


Figures recently released show not only an increase in the amount of commercial vehicles sold during May, but also a large increase in car sales. So much in fact, that figures are now back to levels from 23 months ago.

This is now the third monthly increase in car sales this year, showing that sales are now up 2.6% already this year; something that many within the industry are predicting to continue for a variety of reasons. It is thought that many car consumers are now beginning to be tempted into buying new cars after holding off as long as possible.

One other possible reason why car sales are beginning to increase is the interest that cars such as the recently released Ecoboost equipped, fuel efficient, Ford Focus have been seeing. In a time where every penny spent has to be highly scrutinised, Ford's new Ecoboost engine is certainly worth every penny when searching for Ford cars for sale.