UK Car Sales on the up again in May

The strong growth of new car sales in the UK has continued throughout May, with sales of new Ford Fiestas once again leading the way.

The number of new car registrations and sales seems to defy the current slow economic times, with figures in May showing an impressive year on year increase of 11%, along with a massive 20.9% surge in private sales (which returned to levels last witnessed in 2007, before the recession).

The latest rise means that this is the fifteenth consecutive month in a row that's seen new car registrations increase in the UK, a strong performance which seems to baffle experts. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) are putting the increases down to a number of factors, including strong promotions from traders, the fact that modern cars often have significantly lower running costs and cars from the popular scrappage scheme now being traded in for a new car, all of which are providing boosts to the industry.

Figures-wise, sales for May reached 180,111, with just under 1 million cars being sold since the start of 2013. The Ford Fiesta once again took the spot at the top of the sales tree with 9316 sales, firmly remaining Britain's favourite vehicle. The Ford Focus also proved popular this month, taking the second spot with 7,522 sales.

Potential new releases could boost the market further later in the year, with Ford's latest Kuga on the rise and proving popular in Ford dealerships. Ford is also planning on bringing the popular Edge SUV to the UK and Europe later in the year to bolster their SUV offerings.
With sales so strong, there's never been a better time to pick up a new Ford car. Head on down to your nearest Ford dealer to see the latest special offers.

Image Credit: Iain Farrell (flickr)