UK attractions you don’t need to leave your car to experience

There has never been a better time to enjoy a UK staycation. As many people avoid taking overseas holidays due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, eyes look closer to home for exciting experiences and getaways. However, for some, visiting attractions with other people around may be a concerning thought. With that in mind, in this article, we explore some of the best UK attractions you don’t have to leave your car to experience.

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Angel of the North

Gateshead, Tyne-on-Wear

How could we start anywhere else but with the Angel of the North? In fact, in 2016, the Angel of the North was voted the UK’s best-loved roadside attraction in a poll by National Express. The monolithic statue was created by sculpture artist Sir Anthony Gormley and was completed in 1998. At over 20 metres tall, this is a hard attraction to miss, in fact, due to worries of people not paying enough attention to the road when driving past it, trees were grown to block the view of drivers closest to the statue! 

Whether you catch a glimpse of it whilst driving along the nearby A1 or turn off to park up and take in a good long look, the size of this attraction means it is easy to spot and really will leave you in awe. And, as an icon of the UK, if you’re a resident and haven’t seen it yet, what better time to cross it off the bucket list?

Safari Parks

Various locations

For a family affair, why not visit one of the UK’s amazing safari parks? Enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating animals from your car as you drive through specialised enclosures. This immersive experience is perfect for nature lovers and animal lovers as it gives you the chance to get much closer than usual – you may even find monkeys using your car as a climbing frame!

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Snowdon and Snowdonia

North-west Wales

For the most incredible areas of natural beauty, Snowdonia and Mount Snowdon in North-west Wales are near the top of the list. The landscape makes this part of the UK one of the most beautiful to drive and can be the perfect day out. Bring a picnic and your camera and stop-off whenever you find a view you just can’t believe to spend some time taking it in.

Sophie and Adam from We Dream of Travel spoke to us about why this is such a wonderful place to visit: "As the low fern burns Autumn-red on the slopes of snow-capped mountains, Snowdonia invites all of us to remember that the natural world is just as beautiful as ever. With some of the most photogenic places in Snowdonia visible without leaving your car, Snowdonia makes for the perfect road trip. Pack the car, silence the phone, and be reminded of what makes life worth living.”

Cerne Giant

Dorset, England

The Cerne Giant might have been initially constructed hundreds of years before cars were invented, but that does not mean it’s not a wonderful sight out of your car window. This 55-metre tall giant bears all and is carved out in white chalk on a hillside in Dorset.

One of the most interesting things about the Cerne Giant is the confusion around its origin. Initially thought to be an ancient work of art, the first record of the giant was actually in the 17th-century. Why not pull up here with a cup of tea and a biscuit and try to work out what you think it’s backstory is?

Drive in Cinema

Drive-in Cinemas

Various Locations

Thought to be an American pastime, there is actually a wonderful range of drive-in cinemas around the UK, perfect for some in-car fun. And, since the pandemic has begun many more have sprung up so even if you didn’t have one locally before you may now.

A cinema you can bring your own snacks too, pull up and tune-in to enjoy some of the most iconic movies from the comfort of your own car. A unique and exciting experience, this is great fun for people of all ages and can create a wonderful memory.

Holgate Windmill

York, Yorkshire

The Holgate Windmill is one of the more unusual attractions on this list, but it’s one we simply couldn’t miss out. As York’s last surviving windmill, it may seem out of place amidst the terraced houses and hustle of daily life but that is the reason it’s such a fun attraction to see.

And you don’t need to worry about missing it as the most unique feature of the windmill is its location – a roundabout. Yes, this 18th-century windmill is situated right in the middle of a road. What’s more, it is still producing flour to this day. Generating traditionally stone-milled flour, you’ll see the mill spinning on a windy day just as it would have 200 years ago.

Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge

Mendip Hills, Somerset

Tucked away in the Mendip Hills is our final suggestion, Cheddar Gorge. This amazing attraction is most famous for its warren of caves but is also one of the best drives in Britain. With winding roads underneath towering cliff faces, driving through here is a completely unique experience.

Although you cannot currently go into the caves, the amazing Gorge is still well worth a visit and is a truly spectacular drive. Plus, if you feel like getting out of the car and exploring the area, you can still walk Jacob’s Ladder and enjoy stunning views with a clifftop walk.

UK attractions you can experience from your car:

  • Angel of the North
  • Safari Parks
  • Snowdon and Snowdonia
  • Cerne Giant
  • Drive-in Cinemas
  • Holgate Windmill
  • Cheddar Gorge

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