Tyre safety group warns of the dangers of wet summers

A leading advisory group specialising in promoting the safe use of car tyres has responded to the news that Britain may be set for another decade of mainly wet summers with a statement reinforcing the dangers that this may cause on the road.

TyreSafe, whose recently released statement on the topic can be read in full here, are taking steps to remind people that, although the UK is currently experiencing its driest summer weather for years, the Met Office's long term prediction of more sustained rain in the future demonstrates the importance of drivers being familiar with what they need to do in order to minimise the risk of becoming involved in accidents due to ignoring the deterioration of their tyres.

Ford showrooms across the country offer the driving public the chance to invest in a vehicle which will provide the very highest standards of safety, but it is no secret that accidents can still sometimes happen, even for the most careful and skilled of motorists. It is for this reason that the chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson, is telling people that 'tyre safety should be given a higher priority than ever', what with the forecast of plenty of difficult driving conditions to come.

Fortunately, as Jackson explains, checking for adequate tread depth is 'incredibly easy', with only a 20p piece required. 'Simply take the coin and insert it into the main grooves of the tyre...if you can see the outer band of the 20p then the tyre may not have sufficient depth and should be checked by a qualified specialist'.

Whether you are looking to purchase a Ford Galaxy for sale or any other model, the issue of maintaining tyre safety should remain a priority for drivers of all domestic and commercial vehicles. It is also worth bearing in mind that keeping an eye on tread depth is a legal necessity, and failure to do so may result in penalty points and a fine of £2,500 for each tyre.  

Image credit: Shoutabyss (flickr.com)