Tyre Manufacturers Respond to Commercial Vehicle Needs

Goodyear has announced that it will be launching a new generation of tyres for commercial vehicles in the European market that mark a sea change from their previous strategies. Where previous commercial fleet managers purchased their tyres based upon the type of vehicle that was being driven and its specific application, economic concerns have driven a more fiscally-minded approach, and the tyre company is responding to that new strategy.

The two new lines of tyres will be marketed under the names Kmax and Fuelmax; they are a direct result of responses to surveys conducted by managers of fleets all across Europe. These results indicated a preference for a focus on the tyres performance. This is in large part because commercial vehicles are now being used for a multiplicity of purposes, reflecting an approach that is driven by maximizing economic yield. The most important aspect of tyre selection has shifted from purpose to fuel efficiency and higher mileage.

The tyre manufacturer stresses the importance of choosing a quality tyre that provides an economic advantage over choosing a tyre because of its price. Marc Preedy, Goodyear Dunlop’s commercial director, indicated that though many companies turn to a cheaper tyre in the hope of saving money, this approach is generally short-sighted and ends up costing more money in the long run. Investing in a tyre that will provide higher mileage and greater gas efficiency ends up saving money in the long run, and that is the goal of the new offerings.

Preedy indicated that the company will continue to work to meet the needs of the changing market, responding to customer feedback in order to provide products that meet the increasingly versatile needs of commercial fleets without sacrificing quality.

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