The respected motoring safety body Euro NCAP have revealed the results of their latest comprehensive tests, and anyone who drives a Ford Transit van is sure to be very reassured by the findings.
Amazingly, the Transit Custom and the Transit Tourneo Custom became the very first and only Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) available in Europe to be rewarded for their excellent range of standard safety features with the maximum five star rating.
Achieving an overall mark of 77 per cent, the two different Transit Custom models performed extremely well across Euro NCAP's heavy vehicle crash tests, which were separated into three different categories - child protection, adult protection and safety features. The Transits received unbeaten scores of 90 per cent, 84 per cent and 71 per cent in these fields respectively, which also led to Ford being officially recognised with NCAP's Advanced reward for LCV technology; this is the first time the reward has ever been issued.
This official recognition is the seventh that Ford has now been the subject of in total, which makes the Michigan based group the safest vehicle manufacturer in the world by Euro NCAP's high standards. The other Advanced reward that the automotive giants picked up in these latest tests was for their groundbreaking SYNC with Emergency Assistance on-board technology.
Discussing the results of their rigorous tests, the president of Euro NCAP, Andre Seeck, noted that these commercial new Ford vans are the first in the world to offer the same level of safety that has previously been reserved exclusively for passenger cars. When prospective buyers of the Transit take the time to look into the extensive safety research Ford carried out on their upcoming 2013 models, however, it will come as no surprise that they were so successful; over 4,500 virtual crash simulations were completed on the Custom, as well as 30 physical crash tests.