Tracey Dances on Ice to Outdrive the Boys

There was no time for women driver jokes during a Ford corporate trip to the Swedish rally.

The reason was that all the men were trying to catch up with Tracey Stephens, car sales manager at Taunton Ford, who was busy showing them how competitive driving was really done.

Tracey and her travel companions from around the UK were on the trip to reward them for outstanding performance in warranty sales and it was guaranteed that adrenalin sport junkie Tracey would give everyone else a run for their money.

The first day of the trip, February 11, consisted of watching two stages of the Rally Sweden WRC event at which Ford launched its brand new Fiesta rally car, with hot dogs over a camp fire made in the snow as the second stage ended. The Fiesta went on to take all three podium places on its debut event.

With temperatures at minus 29 degrees C it was a given that Saturday's frozen lake session in super hot rally cars would see Tracey and the crew dancing on ice as they were taught by an experienced rally driver on how to power slide.

"Really this part of the trip was my favourite as I was able to experience these great rally cars with expert instruction and enjoy a huge adrenalin rush, an experience I will never forget," said Tracey.

"We had a bit of fun half way through the day on go-karts adapted for the ice, and in the competition against each other I reached the final against two of the others. It was great fun making the karts dance on the ice but I am naturally competitive so give it my all and won!

"We spent Sunday on snowmobiles in the mountains around Salen, a truly fabulous experience with beautiful views of the surrounding snowy mountains. In the evenings we were looked after very well, sampling the local delicacies of elk, reindeer and roe deer.

"The whole trip was just brilliant. My 16 year old daughter Sam is car-mad and was jealous of me winning the trip although she is glad to know that she can be proud of Mum showing the boys how proper driving is done!"

Now Tracey is back with her feet on the ground in Taunton planning for the launch of the brand new Ford Focus - and there won't be any car park power slides, that's for sure!