Top Eight Ford moments on Screen

Ford is undoubtedly one of the most successful automotive names in the world, with many of its fleet of vehicles winning countless awards and standing in high regard in their respective fields. Their reputation for creating models of fantastic craftsmanship has also helped them onto the big screen, and in this guide we look at the best Ford vehicles that have featured in films and television in years gone by.

Ford Mustang – Bullitt
A film that is famous for its car chase through the streets of San Francisco, the Ford Mustang was the car of choice for Steve McQueen in this classic action film from 1967. McQueen plays Frank Bullitt, a high profile Police Lieutenant who has been assigned to protect a witness for 40 hours. After two men break into a police officer’s house, Bullitt heads out in pursuit of those responsible. The aforementioned car chase is considered among the very best in history, with the two Ford Mustang GT Fastbacks being pushed to their limits. Take a look at the video below to see the chase for yourself.

Ford Explorer – Jurassic Park
Another classic, which brought dinosaurs back to life, Jurassic Park became an instant hit after its release in 1993 and is widely considered among Steven Spielberg’s greatest creations. With the plot of the film involving the investigation of a doomed creation of a dinosaur-based theme park, producers needed a hardy and reliable 4x4 to safely escort visitors around the grounds – the car of choice being the Ford Explorer. The car features in arguably the most famous scene of the film, where those inside the Ford Explorer realise all is not well as the cups full of water shake to the rumble of the dinosaur’s steps.

Ford Focus ST - The Sweeney

One of the most recent films to feature Ford vehicles, The Sweeney is a 2012 action drama starring Ray Winstone and Damien Lewis, among others, as members of the Flying Squad – a division of the Metropolitan Police. While the bad guys in the film chose the Jaguar XFR, the police call on the services of the Ford Focus ST to help them keep in hot pursuit. The clip below shows that the Focus ST is nimble, beautiful and a bit of a beast – why not come to one of our approved Ford dealerships  and take a test drive to find out for yourself?

Ford Gran Torino – Starsky & Hutch

Everyone’s favourite American cop double act, Starsky and Hutch entertained audiences over four series between 1975 and 1979. Other than the characters, the show drew fans for Starsky’s vehicle of choice; a red Ford Gran Torino that featured a white vector on both side panels and roof. The same car also featured in the 2004 movie, which was inspired by the series.

Ford XB Falcon - Mad Max
One of the most successful Australian films ever produced, Mad Max centres around Max Rockatansky, a Main Force Patrol Officer played by Mel Gibson. After Max’s son and wife are confronted and attacked by Toecutter’s Gang, Mad Max sets off in search of the members to ensure justice is served, a task made easier though a supercharged black Ford XB Falcon – considered one of the finest movie vehicles ever made. Below is a picture of a replica.

Ford Taurus - Robocop
A science fiction action film of epic proportions, Robocop is considered one of the best films of 1987 and is so popular in fact that a remake was released earlier this year. Set some time in the future in Detroit, the directing staff chose the Ford Taurus for Robocop to drive because of its futuristic looks. The actual car now stands proudly on display at the Branson Auto Museum in Missouri. 

Ford Transit – Sabine Schmitz Top Gear Nurburgring

The Ford Transit featured in an episode of Top Gear where Sabine Schmitz is challenged to complete a lap of the famous Nurburgring Circuit in under ten minutes. She completes the lap in an incredible time of 10 minutes and eight seconds. Jeremy Clarkson managed the feat in 9 minutes and 59 seconds, but then he was driving a diesel Jaguar S-Type. Here’s the video of this incredible drive.

Ford Fiesta - Ken Block

While not in a film as such, American racing driver Ken Block became a YouTube phenomenon with this hair-raising video of him driving a Ford Fiesta to its absolute limits. While the car has been heavily modified for the film, it shows the reliability and performance which new Ford vehicles can offer.

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