The top car vloggers you need to follow

There was a time where people who wanted to talk about their passion for cars on a camera could only dream or needed to become a TV presenter on the likes of Top Gear.

That has all changed thanks largely to YouTube and laptop editing software as now there are loads of automotive presenters who are also known as car vloggers.

Whether you are looking to buy new Ford cars or want to look at a supercar being tested, you can just search on YouTube and find a video.

With car vlogging being so popular now and so many vloggers that car enthusiasts you can follow, we’ve created this guide to share some of the best car vloggers in the UK and abroad.

Best car vloggers in the UK

  • Seen Through Glass
  • Becky Evans
  • Mr JWW
  • Shmee150

Seen Through Glass

Seen Through Glass YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 522K

Sam, who is the UK-based vlogger behind Seen Through Glass, is often going on round-the-world tips documenting car cultures meaning you don’t only find out about the best cars but will also see some amazing travel destinations that you can add to your bucket list.

Incredible road trips, stunning cars and beautiful scenery are all the things you should expect to see on the Seen Through Glass YouTube channel.

As well as the documentary-style episodes that will help you learn about car cultures you didn’t know existed, you will also be able to listen to a load of interviews. These interviews include racing Formula One driver Sebastien Vettel on a simulator and chats to fellow F1 driver Esteban Ocon.

Becky Evans

Becky Evans’ YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 114K

Becky Evans has broken down so many stereotypes through her YouTube channel and is now one of the leading car vloggers in the UK.

She is a reviewer, presenter and drifter and shot to fame after partnering with Red Bull for her ‘Drift Queen’ series. On her channel, you will be able to watch in-depth reviews that come in the form of her ‘Girls Guide To’ series, where she explains the pros and cons of various cars in her signature chatty and informative style.

In an interview with Red Bull, she says: “Cars have always represented a kind of freedom for me. To create, escape, laugh and excite. I want to pass that on to other people. I want to breathe life into an industry that hasn’t had life breathed into it for a long time. I want to be the voice of a new generation of car lovers.”


Mr JWW YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 625K

If you like supercars, sports cars, travel, culture and adventure, then James Walker, aka MR JWW, is a YouTuber you just have to follow. The YouTube channel was started back in 2015 with just an iPhone being used for a camera, but it has now grown and has attracted more than 130 million views, making him one of the best car vloggers around.

The videos he post include in-depth reviews, technical details, behind-the-scenes videos and vlogs about some of the best road trips you can go on. He also gets to drive the greatest cars, travels the world and meet some iconic figures within the automotive world.

If you want more content from James Walker, then he has the Mr JWW blog and this covers racing, driving and the lifestyle which embodies them both.


Shmee150 YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 2.27M

Tim Burton is the man behind the Shmee 150 YouTube channel and he has a car collection that will make anyone envious. After initially posting photographs of cars, Burton began creating videos and now he is not only one of the biggest supercar vloggers in the UK but is one of the biggest in the world.

The YouTube channel is now popular among car enthusiasts and supercar buyers as they follow the various adventures that are featured. This includes rallies and road trips, exclusive shoots and lots more.

If you want to get an insight into the luxury automotive world, then watching the videos posted on Shmee150 is a great way to do this or you can check out his website here. There are even two other YouTube channels that you can watch and these are called The Shmuseum and Shmeebites.

Best international car vloggers

  • Mighty Car Mods
  • Scotty Kilmer
  • B is for Build

Mighty Car Mods

Country: Australia

Mighty Car Mods YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 3.53M

This independent automotive series was created by friends Marty and Moog after they started filming car videos on their mum’s driveway.

They now have millions of followers from across the globe who watch their videos about automotive projects they are working on that everyone can do themselves at home. The vloggers don’t only make the cars and film their videos, they choose the music and even edit their content as well as run their own website.

Whether you have just bought a new car or are looking to do up an old banger that you have bought, you can learn about cars on this YouTube channel.

Scotty Kilmer

Country: USA

Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 4.27M

One of the most-watched car channels in the USA, it is dubbed the people's automotive channel! Here viewers can learn about how they can fix their car and get to understand how their car works.

Scotty Kilmer is the vlogger behind the channel and he has been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and in his videos, he shares the knowledge he has amassed over the years to help you with your car.

If you are looking for car videos for kids to help them learn about how a vehicle works, then there are some great videos on this YouTube channel that you can show them.

B is for Build

Country: USA

B is for Build YouTube channel

Number of subscribers: 1.46M

Vlogger Chris and some of his friends run the channel B is for Build which documents their life with cars. In their car videos, you will see them break cars, fix cars as well as buy and sell vehicles too.

Some of the vehicles that they have restored and done up include a Ford Fiesta, a Ford Raptor, a Lamborghini and they have even attempted to build a custom single-seater supercar that has used spare parts that were laying around the shop.

No matter whether you own or are looking to buy a supercar or Ford used cars, are a car enthusiast or are wanting to learn more about them, then there are vloggers out there to suit your specific needs. The ones featured above are some of the most popular and well-known in the UK and internationally.