Thumbs up for Ford’s parallel parking assistant

Respected car reviewers can often make or break a car's reputation. When they rate a vehicle or its technologies, whether the review is good or bad, it will certainly give potential consumers a first impression that will often last.

Good news for Ford then! The newspaper the Daily Mirror has just featured the motor manufacturer's new Active Park Assist System, and the review was very positive. Carried out by Quentin Wilson, motoring expert and TV presenter, who confessed to carrying out 18 random parallel parks just for kicks!

Quentin went on to explain just how simple the Active Park Assist system was; simply press the PAS button, drive past a line of parked cars and the sensors will tell you when they have found a  big enough space for the car to be manoeuvred into. Then without anything more to do, press reverse, and the rest is done automatically, with you only having to apply the brakes when the parking warning sensors tell you.

The ‘awesomely clever' technology is available as standard in many New Ford cars for sale, or can be easily fitted at your Ford car dealers.


Image Credit: Jlaw45 (Flickr)