The Way Forward: Electric Cars


With increasing fuel prices, and unstable availability of petrol and diesel, an electric car has never been more tempting. Offering hugely more miles for money, not CO2 emissions on use, quiet motors and low maintenance, electric cars make good sense.

For people who are unwilling to commit to such a change and have only an electric car, many choose to have a standard petrol or diesel car for their first car, and an electric car as a second car. This idea makes for an excellent idea in cities, especially London, where electric cars are exempt from the pricy congestion charge.

Using an electric car as a second car means that for shorter, urban journeys you can feel the benefits of an electric car, whereas for longer journeys, you will have the standard fuel car. Despite this, an experiment recently performed by a leading motor and electric car research firm found that many of the families that were given the option of either an electric car or petrol car as a first car chose the electric car.

Ford Motor Company are rumoured to be getting in on the action with plans to release a fully electric and battery operated car in 2013. In the meantime, Fords with shockingly good fuel economy are on sale at every Ford Car Dealership, with a variety of New Ford Cars, both petrol and diesel, offering up to 76mpg!

Image credit: Overlaet