The Top Car Snacks Every Driver Must Travel With

A lot goes into planning a road trip, and picking which food to bring along is an important part of that process. When out on the road for a while, or when you know you and your family will want to be eating, bringing along a selection of snacks is a very good idea indeed. But with the sheer volume and options available, just which are the best options for packing into your vehicle?

To help you figure out your options, we have put together a guide on the subject, a list of the top car snacks that every driver must travel with.

Suggestions from Yumbles

Paola Papacosta from Yumbles, an online market place and home of delicious food and gifts, offered us some of their top snack suggestions for drivers to travel with.

“- Sweet potato crisps with cheese & jalapeno: Not only is our sweet potato one of the most nutritious treats the vegetable kingdom has to offer – it also tastes incredible if you add a little cheese and heat! Perfectly crispy and yummy.

“- Healthy Snack Box: packed with nutritious, easy-to-eat goodies to keep in your car so you'll never go hungry.

“- Sweet & Savoury Healthy Snacks collection: the best of all worlds. Handmade, raw, sugar free and organic snacks so you can eat as much as you like, guilt-free! They come in small boxes making it easier to nibble on.

“- Peanut butter cookie dough protein balls: With a flavour of freshly baked cookies, these rich, sugar free sweet balls are the perfect on the go snack.

“Yumbles is the biggest online marketplace for artisan food and gifts with more than 600 small-batch, British makers. With anything from hand-crafted artisan cakes to metallic macarons, you'll be sure to find what you love.”

Suggestions from Billy Franks

Billy Franks Jerky

Speaking of energy, nothing fuels the body better than protein, so making sure to have protein based snacks stored in your new Ford car is certainly a good idea. Items like beef jerky and protein bars are incredibly convenient and can be kept tucked away for quite some time.

Billy Franks, specialists on gourmet dehydrated snacks, is just the place to pick up some protein goodness, and kindly offered their advice to us on the perfect car snacks to travel with.

“Billy Franks Beef or Turkey Jerky, £3.10 - £3.50 at Billy Franks: This is my go to car snack. While we make 10 flavours in our range, I’ll usually stash a few spicy bags of Christ on A Bike away. You can munch mindlessly away while stuck in traffic or during a rest stop and the heat puts a little rev back in your engine, not to mention I never feel that guilty as a whole bag is only 146 calories and it’s super high in protein – perfect for keeping you full on long drives. Not only do I think this is a must have, glove-box essential, but The Ribman, who makes the hot sauce we use, always travels with one in the car for the kids should he ever break down.

“Propercorn Lightly Sea Salted Popcorn: I love to nibble on this when I am feeling just a little bit peckish, though I have to be careful not to grab such big handfuls as I tend to drop it on the floor on the way to my mouth – meaning I need to vacuum when I get to my destination.

The Food Doctor Apple & Walnut Goodness Bars: If I have to eat breakfast in the car, I tend to go for a bar of some sort and/or some fruit like a banana. At the moment I am loving The Food Doctor’s Apple & Walnut Goodness Bar because it’s not too crumbly that you end up with half of it on your lap. Plus I love apple flavour but eating one in the car is pretty difficult!

“Mars Milk: Need I say more!? I love a good chocolate milk, especially as, you know, ‘A Mars a day helps you work, rest & play!’ – It’s also my perfect cure for that hangover drive home back from a weekend away.

“M&S Chicken and chorizo empanadas: Every time I stop at a rest stop that has an M&S, I always grab a packet of these spicy parcels of meaty goodness. They are great to have while driving because they fit perfectly into your hand and there is no mess.”

Meat snacks: Cruga biltong and beef jerky

jerky and apple

Meat Snacks Group, who opened the beef jerky market in the UK back in 2000, have a number of fantastic options available, suggesting their Wild West Beef Jerky and Cruga Biltong as the perfect travel snacks.

Wild West Original Beef Jerky is the perfect travel snack, being low in calories and high in protein. It is made of beef silverside in the Highlands of Scotland and being high in protein it is the perfect appetite suppressant to snack on between meals.

“Plus, jerky doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so you can always keep a few packets in your glove box for emergency snacking.

“With only natural goodness in every bag, the beef silverside is trimmed and then marinated in store cupboard ingredients including soya sauce, apple cyder vinegar, honey and spices such as pepper, coriander and thyme. It is then slowly cooked and smoked until it becomes jerky. That’s it! Nothing added, nothing processed, just great tasting jerky.”

meat snacks

Carrot sticks

While many of us, and particularly kids, like to snack on chocolates and sweets, these of course aren’t particularly healthy and can often causes irritating sticky messes. A better option for your munching needs would be a bag of carrot sticks. Perhaps not the most filling item on the menu, but with their nutritional value this is a guilt free option that should be included.



Popcorn is a great snack to bring along with you in the car (pre popped of course). Not only is this a very satisfying food to consume, there are various options available from salted, to sweet, and even organic variants. Popcorn can of course spill around a little, making a mess (especially in the hands of children), but it’s pretty easy to sweep or hoover up, and is much preferable to sticky sweets.


If you are looking for something a little more substantial during your car journeys, sandwiches are a tried and tested option which obviously have a huge range for customisation. By adding in some healthy sources of protein and fat like peanut butter, sandwiches can give you and your family the fuel you need to last the trip. Just make sure to wrap them up safely, or put them in a cool bag, to keep them fresh.

Sunflower seeds

Containing healthy nutrients like magnesium, sunflower seeds are a delicious and healthy option. Somersault Life Company are truly the place to go to for sunflower based treats, offering this superfood in handy bags of crunchy bites, available in four delightful flavours: Sea Salt, Salt & Pepper, Dutch Cocoa, and Cinnamon.

Dried fruit

Some great alternatives to sweets come in the form of raisins and various other dried fruits. Easily packed away in lunch boxes, bags, and even pockets, a box or two of raisins will go down a treat during your travels. Just make sure rogue raisins don’t fall down the side of your car seats!

Protein Bars

An easy fix for some long-lasting energy, protein bars now come in every flavour imaginable for your next go-to snack. From vegan protein bars to low-carb, there is a huge range available at both your local supermarket and online, such as myprotein