The Top Car Gadgets for Drivers Old and New

There are many items that can improve one’s experience when out on the open road. Whether it be for fun, safety, or even a combination of both, there is indeed a car gadget for everything. So if you are a new driver, or even a seasoned vet, take a look below at our list of the top car gadgets for drivers old and new.  



Dashcams are becoming quite popular in the UK, and it’s not surprising given their great utility.

Drivers are more often finding themselves wanting to record their journeys just in case any accidents might occur, and just as many simply want to film themselves on the UK’s best driving roads.

The DashCam Wi-Fi by iON is an ideal choice, and with its incident capture technology, the camera automatically saves the HD video file when an impact is detected.

iON Cameras Limited spoke to us about the product and what makes it their star DashCam.

“Our leading DashCam is the Wi-Fi version due to its discreet size and the ability to pair with your phone to review footage immediately.  The app allows you to overlay GPS information immediately and is a convenient way to download footage for insurance purposes.”

Smartphone Mount

We are all attached to our phones, and we all know the dangers of using them when driving. With so many of us using them to help us navigate however, or using their hands-free devices for important phone calls, a smartphone mount is a perfect, and frankly necessary solution.

With our phones fixed in place at an easy to see angle, the dangers cause when fumbling around for your phone or looking down at your lap will be avoided, as we all know that this is something that must never be done while driving.

This 4.5 inch adjustable car mount for smartphones by Kensington expands to encompass the size of your phone, and the universal mount is designed to fit all cars, installing in seconds on either windshields or vents.

jump starter

Portable Jump Starter

When out and about you can’t be sure that someone will be there to help you should your car need a jump. That is why a portable jump starter is a wise and prudent gadget to keep in your vehicle.

These starters are a battery source which will allow you to start your car again should it die by hooking the starter’s clamps onto your car’s battery.

There are many great jump starters out there depending on your needs. Products such as the MR26 by Powervamp, high powered and suitable for all petrol engine sizes, it has a shatterproof case and gives you complete peace of mind when out on your travels.

Powervamp started manufacturing its battery jump starters 22 years ago when the concept of a high powered, rechargeable, and portable dry-cell battery was new to the industry. Powervamp is now regarded as the world leader in quality power products.

USB Car Charger

When out enjoying your new Ford car, the last thing you will want to worry about is a dead phone.

This is a completely avoidable situation however, as even if you don’t have a USB port in your car, by acquiring a USB car charger you will be able to give your phone the top up it needs to see you through.

The Universal Car Charger by Belkin will help you avoid such dismal scenarios, while also allowing passengers to connect their own USB cables to fit whatever device they desire. 

phone map

Gps Car Tracker

A GPS car tracker truly is one of the more useful gadgets around, performing a number of functions.

These items are particularly useful for concerned parents who are keen to keep track of their teenage drivers, while also providing peace of mind should a thief try and steal your vehicle.

By simply placing a tracker like The Bolt from GPS Tracker Shop inside your car, you can track the journey from your phone or smart device with no software required.

GPS Trackershop explained to us that, “Due to its extended 3 month rechargeable battery, The Bolt Magnetic tracker has been particularly popular. The Bolt allows you to view your vehicle’s position live from your smartphone and computer, as well as set up security alerts and view the full journey history of your vehicle at any time.

“The Trackershop magnetic GPS car trackers are now being used by everyone from small/medium sized companies to individuals for their own vehicles.

“The extensive features of the real-time GPS trackers make them perfect for any purpose, from monitoring/co-ordinating your fleet, to adding security and keeping tabs of a family vehicle.”

Window Punch and Seat Belt Cutter

While we can take all the precautions we want to ensure our safety, sometimes the worst can happen.

If you are trapped inside your vehicle during a crash, you will want to make sure you have just the tool to help you and your passengers get free.

The Res-q-me Window Punch and Seatbelt Cutter attaches to your key chain, and allows one to easily release themselves from a seatbelt via the hidden blade, and also punch through your car’s side window.