The Next Generation Ford Sync could feature Netflix or Hulu

The Ford Motor Company is always striving to be at the forefront of automotive technical advances. Ford has already partnered with Microsoft on their Sync telematics platform, and the next concept the manufacturers are developing is on-demand technology and in-car entertainment systems to be featured in future models.

With technical advancements taking place constantly and the evolvement of mobile 3G and 4G networks around the world, we could see data streaming in-car support for the likes of Netflix and Hulu being a reality in the not too distant future, according to John Ellis, the head of Ford's technical development division for in-car-entertainment systems.

Sadly, you will not find this kind of technology in Ford cars for sale currently; however, this technology can evolve quite quickly once support and bandwidth issues have been addressed, so we will keep you updated.

If you are currently interested in any of the new Ford range, though, simply head along to your local Ford car dealership, where you can choose from a selection of great models.