The New Limited Edition Fiesta Model

A new Fiesta model has just been released by the Ford Motor Group; the new special edition ‘Metal' model has a variety of features both under and above the bonnet. Firstly, the engine has seen an upgrade and now features a 1.6 litre Duratec petrol engine with 132BHP and can shift the fiesta from 0-62mph in just 8.7 seconds.

Available in three colours; Midnight Sky, Panther Black and Frozen White, the new Fiesta comes equipped with stunning 17 inch alloys, twin exhaust pipes and a silver front grille.

With its black leather sports seating and stainless steel door plates the vehicle is extremely classy and with added features such as Home safe headlamps and ESP it is sure to become popular with drivers.

Heading to your nearest Foray Ford car dealers could be your best chance of finding the limited edition Fiesta along with many other Ford cars for sale.



 Image Credit: ben.chaney (Flickr)