The new Ford Focus ST at the Geneva Motor Show


The UK's favourite hatchback, the Ford Fiesta, has seen a resurgence in interest recently. A production ready version of the Fiesta ST has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, causing quite a stir within the industry about the Fiestas; Something that has not been seen since 2008.

The new version of the Fiesta will be powered by one of Ford's Ecoboost engines, namely the 178hp version.  Something that is what many are calling a turning point, is the fact that the UK will be the first country that the ST will be available, Ford themselves are still deciding upon releasing it alongside other Ford cars for sale in North America.

Already the vehicle has received great reviews, for its handling, style, and for its addition of three stage stability control system.

The Ford focus will be available able from Ford car dealers sometime within the first half of 2013, with its final specifications awaiting release to the general public.

Image credit: phil denton (flickr)