The iPhone 5 and your Ford car’s changes


Linking up your iPhone to your Ford car is a great way to enhance your driving experience, whether you're listening to your own collection of music, digital radio, or connecting hands-free.

With last week's unveiling of the iPhone 5, many are wondering just what the newly designed and revamped smartphone will bring to your driving experience, or what you will need to change to be able to use it.

One of the biggest changes of the iPhone 5 compared to the 3GS version is the dock connector. Gone is the 30 pin connector that has been an inclusion on iPods and iPhones since 2003, and in is the new ‘lightning port'. The good news is that Apple has come up with an adapter already that will allow the new handset to work with older leads.

Even though the new iPhone's screen will be bigger, it's still not going to help a great deal with in-car viewing distances for films etc. The screen will, however, be even handier for slipping into a dock to be used for navigation, with it being increased to four inches diagonally.

To find out just how you can get the most from connecting your smartphone to your Ford car, visit your nearest Ford car dealers for more information. You never know, you may also end up finding your ideal vehicle from their huge choice of Ford cars for sale.

Image credit: DanielZanetti