The history of the Ford Ka by Foray Motor Group

The Ford Ka was first introduced back in 1996 and it has since become the most popular city car in the UK. Here we give you an insight into the Ka’s huge success by taking a look back at the history of the model and how it is still going from strength to strength.

The Ka’s early beginnings

First generation Ford Ka

The Ford Ka was first unveiled in 1996 as a small and cheap car and its popularity actually exceeded the car manufacturer’s predictions as it was snapped up from many Ford car dealerships in the UK.

In a bid to reduce damage during city driving the original Ford Ka car featured plastic body bumpers and many motoring journalists at the time celebrated its good handling and tight grip.

The changes to increase consumer appeal

Three years after its release, Ford decided to introduce body-coloured bumper mouldings to the Ford Ka to create a smoother image for the car.

Ford unveiled the SportKa later in 2003, which featured a sport body kit, 16-inch alloy wheels and a tightened suspension.

In 2005 the standard models of the Ford Ka were revamped and received new interiors, while the StreetKa and the SportKa got new 1.6-litre petrol engines.

The second generation Ford Ka

Second generation Ford Ka

In 2008 it was revealed Ford had partnered with Fiat and that new Ford Ka cars and models would be built at Fiat’s factory in Poland.

This move was dubbed the second generation of the Ford Ka and the mark two of the vehicle was larger than previous models. The second generation models had new designs with consumers having a choice of two engines; a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.3 diesel engine, as well as a number of modern applications such as a USB port and Bluetooth phone connection.

The second generation Ford Ka was awarded four stars out of a possible five in the Euro NCAP safety test as a result of safety features, which included driver and passenger airbags and ABS brakes.

The popular second-generation model even made it into the 22nd James Bond Quantum of Solace film, adding to the number of Ford cars appearing in films.

The future of the Ford Ka

It has been revealed that later in 2015 we will see the unveiling of the next-generation Ford Ka.

According to the Auto Express the next-generation Ford Ka will be a “practical, value-for-money city car with five doors”.

The car is rumoured to be much bigger than previous Ford Ka models; the car manufacturer is looking to move from a three-door fashion-led vehicle into a more practical, value-for-money five-door city car.

It is believed that the new Ford Ka model will feature a 1.6-litre engine and will be based on the Ford Start Concept.

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