The Ford Focus voted car of the year again

The Ford Focus is certainly no stranger to winning awards, over the past year alone it has picked up many prestigious accolades from a large variety of organisations across the world.

The Detroit Free Press is just the latest in a long line of publications that have passed critique upon Ford's Focus model and given it the thumbs up. Awarded the coveted title of 2012 Free Press car of the year, the Focus, was commented upon being ‘loaded with sophistication' amongst other things.

The Ford Focus packs big time features and performance into a small vehicle with extremely high fuel economy and value for money.  Other comments regarding the Focus cited that Ford have began to do something that not many other automobile manufacturers do; offer advanced technology and features in mainstream models, something to benefit regular everyday users, with the affordability and running cost prices to match.

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Image  credit: eplusm (Flickr)