The Ford Focus; the best selling car in November

One of the world's leading websites,, has released a feature within its motoring section about just how economic new cars have become in terms of fuel economy. Amongst the many facts and figures, it reports that in the past decade the miles per gallon figures have improved by almost 30% on new cars.

A large part of the results are of course due to diesel sales on new vehicles which now are 55.6% of the market.  The popularity of more eco friendly designed vehicles was proven once again as the Ford Fiesta, which is leading the way for more economic and eco friendly technologies, was the best selling vehicle in Europe, a title that the Fiesta has held onto since the beginning of the year.

The Ford Focus was listed as the forth best selling vehicle last month too, certainly great news for Ford car dealerships, and shows just how popular Ford cars for sale are becoming thanks to their Econetic engines.


Image Credit: mariordo59 (Flickr)