The Ford Focus ST Challenge

If you should find yourself heading off to any of the motor shows in the near future you may find yourself taking part in a new and exciting initiative by the Ford Motor Company.

The Ford Focus ST Challenge will be giving visitors to many of the worlds top motor shows the chance to test out the Focus ST on a simulator, the driver with the fastest time will win a fantastic prize. The winner will get the chance to head off to the ESPN Summer X Games and meet many of Ford's Octane academy drivers.

The simulator that ford will be using is by no means a tame affair, aiming to give participants an exact emulation of the Ford Focus ST, with seats, steering wheel, pedals, and its hydraulic systems gives a true feel for the car.

If you can't make it to any motor shows this year, you can always head off to your nearest Ford car dealership and check out the Ford Focus and their other great Ford cars for sale.


Image credit:  Sarahlarson (flickr)