The Ford Focus is the top tech car of 2011

One of the world's most popular technology websites has just revealed a list of top ten tech cars of 2011 with great news for the Ford Motor Company, as their Focus model has scooped the top prize. ExtremeTech is a community of both everyday technology users and experts within the technology sector, focusing upon news, stories and features about the latest gadgets and topics.

The website has mentioned that the Ford Focus is ‘awash in cool technology' and is ‘world-class in every respect'.  The Focus is by far one of the most technologically advanced Ford cars for sale with many features including a WiFi hub, indoor Led ambient illumination plus the award winning Ford SYNC and MyTouch driver connect packages.

But don't just take the website's word for it, sample the Ford Focus and its many great technology features for yourself at your nearest Ford car dealers.


Image credit: HightechDad (Flickr)