The Ford Fiesta made even more economic


The Ford Motor Company have just announced that technology advances have meant that fuel economy and reduced emission levels, within its Fiesta models, will improve even more now

The new changes will be applied to both the Fiesta van and car models, meaning that its environmental performance could be improved by a further 12%.

Figures released by the motoring giants show that official emissions will drop from 95g/km to 87g/km, bringing the Fiesta into the free road tax category. As mentioned the new technology advances have also boosted fuel economy, and at a time when fuel is becoming increasingly expensive the improvements of up to 85.6mpg are welcome.

Visit your nearest Ford car dealership such as Ford Winchester to see the Ford fiesta in action, it may be some time before the new systems become available but its models are already amongst the top for economy already.

Image credit:  Thomas doerfer