The Ford Edge is coming to Europe


If you have ever admired Ford's American mid sized SUV offering The Ford Edge, you will be pleased to know it is set to be released for the European market.

Introduced back in 2006, the Ford Edge has become one of the most spacious five seat crossover vehicles offered by the blue oval.  

The news has been given at the current ‘Go Further' event that is being held in Amsterdam, where a number of new Ford cars for sale have been announced.

The latest Edge that is available in North America incorporates a great many features to make car buyers in Europe and the UK get excited about, though as yet details have not been announced of what to expect when it crosses the pond to be available at your nearest Ford car dealer. Panoramic roofs, ambient lighting and a powered lift gate are just a few options you could be enjoying once released.

image credit: High TechDad