The best jobs for people who love driving


Many people see driving simply as a way of getting from A to B; for the majority of drivers, getting behind the wheel is just something which needs to be done in order to get to and from work or to see our family and friends.

However, there is also a significant number of people who love nothing more than taking to the road. From the amazing feeling of freedom that cruising down the highways can provide to the excitement of trying out all the latest features on your brand new car, there are many reasons why many see driving as more of a joy than a chore.

If you are a member of this second group and are also at a crossroads in your career, it may be time to consider how you can turn your passion into your livelihood. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, once said that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. With the following career options, we will show you how it is possible to earn a good living from doing something you have always enjoyed.

Bus driver

Stagecoach bus

If you only enjoy driving compact, lighter cars - such as the Ford KA+ available from your local Poole Ford dealership – then this particular career option may not be for you. However, if you are confident with handling larger vehicles and have experience driving vans or 4X4s, then becoming a bus driver may be a great option.

The average salary for a bus driver may not be huge – although it should grow with experience - but there are many real benefits for those who choose to take this career path. Stagecoach, one of the UK’s largest public bus operators, list some of the reasons why you should consider taking on this challenge on this page. Here’s a summary:

  • An attractive pension package
  • Five weeks of paid holiday per annum
  • Good career progression opportunities
  • No contribution towards your training required
  • Concessions on your personal travel

In terms of your personal attributes, you will have a strong chance of being accepted onto bus driver training if you are friendly, approachable and have a genuine desire to deliver excellent customer service. This could be demonstrated by having a proven history in sectors such as retail, hospitality or care.

Driving instructor

Traffic cone

Becoming a driving instructor may be a good choice for those who enjoy driving, as long as you’re prepared to spend plenty of time in the passenger seat! You must have characteristics such as patience and calmness in your persona and, most vitally, you should feel strongly that safe driving is of great importance. If you are a speed freak or bully on the road, this will most likely not be the role for you – unless you are willing to change your ways!

In terms of salary, being a driving instructor can vary widely. One recent estimate put the salary range of driving instructors between £19,000 and £41,000 per annum, which is obviously a pretty big disparity. The benchmark figure which many instructors aim for is £30,000 per year, but a lot depends on the area in which you are working, how strong your word-of-mouth reputation is, how long you have been teaching and, crucially, how many hours a week you are prepared to work.

Being self-employed often leads to working very long and uncivilised hours, and this is certainly true for driving instructors. Because you will often be teaching people who are themselves working or studying during the week, you will need to be flexible: evenings and weekends will no longer be off-limits for work!

However, training to become a driving instructor – which can be done through specialist companies such as SmartDriving – will give you the opportunity to become your own boss, with the potential to earn almost as much as your time will allow. Who wouldn’t want that?


Luxury car

Of course, you may want to get into a driving job because you have a real desire to drive top of the range, high quality vehicles. If so, then becoming a chauffeur would be the ultimate profession, allowing you to get paid for driving the cars of your dreams!

Chauffeur jobs aren’t always widely available and tend to gravitate towards big cities like Manchester and, in particular, London. Nevertheless, if you are within commutable distance of your potential job, this can be a hugely rewarding career. Not only will you be driving some magnificent vehicles, you are also likely to meet an interesting and varied list of clients on the job.

The salary for chauffeur drivers can vary massively, depending on where you work and who your employer is. However, you are more likely to be accepted for a better quality role if you are also proficient in car maintenance and especially if you are skilled enough to be fluent in another language.

If you want to have a closer look at the kind of company which offers chauffeuring services, try websites such as EG Chauffeurs and London Luxury Chauffeuring.

Image Credits: Susanne Nilsson, Grassrootsgroundswell, Martin Howard, Scott Webb