The best driving roads in the UK

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to the perfect driving road. Whether that is being transported to a magical world by the incredible scenery, or you want to push your new car to the limits on winding inclines.

The UK's best driving roads

Here at Foray Motor Group, we want you to go out and enjoy the best roads that the UK has to offer in your new car from one of our Ford dealers in Wiltshire.

What makes a great driving road?

Before we jump straight into some of the finest stretches of tarmac that this little isle has to offer, let’s make it clear what the contributing factors for a truly great road are. Of course, there is room for preference, but with our selection coming up, we’re sure that we have something for every driver.


Why do you think motorways get so boring? The flashes of the white lines reflect off your glazed eyes as you switch on autopilot and get overwhelmed with boredom. Corners keep you switched on and they excite, like snowflakes they are all different and offer their own little challenge. Mix together sharp bends with rapid inclines, and you’re well on your way to a great road. 

Corners make for a great road

Peace and quiet

Whether it’s a tractor or a guy on a unicycle, no one likes being stuck in traffic, and it doesn’t need to be standstill traffic to spoil a great road. We have offered you some suggestions as to when you should visit these roads, but we have also offered you roads that are surrounded in so much natural beauty that you’ll want to admire it at a slower pace.


Another aspect many will agree on is the view. Whether you are surrounded by rich landscape after driving over the brow of a hill, the sea, green fields or perhaps luscious moorland, it’s an experience you’re going to tell other drivers about afterwards.

We spoke to Phil Stevens from motoring website Driving For Pleasure, who explains that the reasons for these aspects could be to do with familiarity.

“The secret to a great driving road is in my opinion a simple one. A road that you know well might give you driving pleasure, there is nothing better than a drive on a familiar road, where every camber, manhole, bend and safe overtaking place is known, but to me the greatest pleasure is in driving a great traffic free B-road, within your driving limits, where the road flows in front of you, and the bends open up to new vistas, there’s nothing quite like it, that’s driving for pleasure.”

-          Phil Stevens, Driving for Pleasure

What are the best roads?

From dramatic backdrops, to twists and turns worthy of any racetrack, we run through our list of the UK’s best driving roads.

The A4086
Location: The Llanberis Pass, Wales
Length of road: 18 miles

A road that takes you from the small village of Capel Curig, via one of the UK’s most popular mountains Snowdon, to the Royal Town of Caernarfon. 

The Llanberis Pass, Wales

Mountains and crystal clear lakes make up the backdrop of this incredible drive, as you carve your way through a natural landscape.

The lakes escort you down the road for over a mile, until you leave them for three miles of gentle gradients and easy corners.

As you climb up the road, you will be engulfed by the spectacular scenery around you.

This is very much a road for you and your passengers to enjoy. It is not the kind of road you want to charge around, you must take it at a much calmer pace to fully appreciate the incredible setting for an amazing road.

The Buttertubs Pass
Location: Yorkshire Dales
Length of road: 5.5 miles

This great driving road will take you through the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

The Buttertubs Pass in the Yorkshire Dales

It is a short drive, taking you from Thwaite to Hayes, but it certainly offers all of the ingredients for a perfect driving road.

Labelled “England’s only truly spectacular road” by Jeremy Clarkson, The Pass gives you steep climbs, rapid descents and tight corners to enjoy, it is little wonder why it featured on Top Gear so many times.

One of the greatest things about The Buttertubs Pass is its location. You are engulfed by the beautiful green of the Dales and on a quiet day, you will feel like the only person on Earth.

It may only be a short drive – 10 or 15 minutes – but it will go down as one of the best driving experiences of your life.

The Abergwesyn Mountain Road
Location: Mid Wales
Length of road: Around 18 miles

The second Welsh road on our guide is the Abergwesyn Mountain Road, a perfect route for small or light cars. 

The Abergwesyn Mountain Road

For the first couple of miles, the road is shadowed by a high hedge line which does affect visibility, but the road really opens up after that.

There is plenty of variety and surprises for you on this route, from corners and crests as well as single track sections.

The further you go down the road the more the scenery opens itself up to you, each time revealing an even more beautiful lake, forest, river or open hills.

Certainly one for a summer drive, but be cautious around the Devil’s Staircase, a collection of hairpin bends and steep inclines that can be a challenge to navigate.

St Ives to St Just
Location: Cornwall
Length of road: 15.4 miles

The 15.4 mile stretch is one of the most beautiful driving roads in the UK, particularly on a clear sunny evening.

Here you can discover the real, unspoilt beauty of the South West on one of Cornwall’s best routes.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a coastal drive, the best time to try the road is between late spring and early summer, as you will come across lots of tourists during the summer.

Littered with quaint little Cornish villages, you wind your way through narrow roads, soaking in the impressive coastline, understanding more and more as you go, which is why so many people visit Cornwall on their holidays.

Cheddar Gorge
Location: Somerset
Length of road: 15 miles

If you need to wake your eyes up after a monotonous motorway drive, or need something to keep the passengers quite for a while, then drive by the Gorge. Whether you are looking at one of our Ford car dealerships in Taunton or are just passing through, this route is a must see.


Cheddar Gorge

Don’t be surprised if you need to repeat this drive several times just to ensure you fully appreciate the other-worldly views.

Almost as if the Earth is trying to open itself up, the limestone cliffs look like something out of Lord of the Rings, as you manage the twisting turns between the B3135 and Ashwick, your destination.

Though the most challenging, the first section of this drive is stunning, with the cliffs facing you from either side of the road. The further you go along the road, the quieter it gets, but even if you are held up for a short time, there are worse views you could be looking at through your windscreen.


Image Credit: Mike Lawrence  Roger Kidd Peter Moore Denis Egan Stray Croc