The best car mobility aids


Driving or being a passenger in a car if you have limited mobility is the kind of thing that is not likely to cross your mind until it becomes an issue. Whether you or a loved one is having to deal with the sudden onset of a disability or just need to make gradual adjustments due to the advancing years, you will likely have become aware of how difficult travelling on the road can be.

Fortunately, there is now a wide range of products available that have been specifically designed to make car journeys easier for people who struggle with lowering or raising themselves into and out of vehicles, as well those for whom staying in car seats for a lengthy period of time is uncomfortable. Below, you can find out more about a few of our favourite such items.  

Car Caddie

The Car Caddie is manufactured by Stander, an American company that makes a range of innovative mobility products. However, it has proved to be so popular that a large number of UK-based disability aid stockists - such as NRS Healthcare – now also supply it.

This excellent tool allows the user to get in and out of any car with ease; the driver or passenger simply attaches the Car Caddie’s strap to the vehicle’s window frame with the buckle provided and is then able to lift themselves up via the handle. Durable, height adjustable and small enough to be moved from car to car without fuss, this could be the handiest travel mobility purchase you ever make.

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Swivel Cushions

Swivel cushions are another ingenious invention which are as simple and great value as they are effective. Companies like Mobility Smart offer an extensive range of cushions which vary widely in size, price and their level of functionality, meaning that – whatever your situation – you will be able to find the right product for your needs.

These specially adapted cushions can make any car journey comfortable and are usually mounted on ball bearing turntables, allowing the driver or passenger to turn in the direction they want without any hassle and therefore making getting in and out of the vehicle much more straightforward.

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Row of parked cars

Car Back Supports

When it comes to car back supports, there is an even greater range of products available than you may have thought possible. Mobility aid providers like Co-operative Mobility specialise in a diverse selection of supports aimed at making life more comfortable for anyone who regularly travels by car.

From discreet seat wedges to lumbar rolls and full spine supports, there really are products out there to help you deal with every kind of back problem and stiffness. No-one should have to endure any journey in severe discomfort, and high-quality back supports ensure this no longer needs to be a problem.

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Disabled Parking Signs

Everyone knows about the Blue Badge parking scheme, whereby disabled drivers can display a badge on their windscreen that entitles them to park in specially designated areas which are usually more conveniently located for those with limited mobility than standard spaces. What happens, however, when all the nearby disabled spaces are full and one or more of your car passengers are wheelchair users who need extra room to get into and out of your vehicle?

Welcome Mobility, along with several other similar companies, offers a handy ‘Disabled Access Aid’ that addresses this problem. The aid is essentially a sign that can be attached to the window of your car and alerts other drivers to the fact that a disabled passenger requires access. Available in blue and orange, the sign encourages considerate road users to ensure they leave enough space for wheelchair users to manoeuvre.

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Transfer Boards

Last but not least, transfer boards are another brilliantly simple concept that make moving in and out of vehicles much easier for wheelchair users and others with disabilities. With many different examples available to suit different needs and budgets, firms such as Essential Aids offer a wide range of options.

Although the exact specifications of the different products vary, the basic principle is the same – the transfer board acts as a handy bridge between the car seat and wheelchair, taking all the hassle out of moving into and out of any vehicle. Many boards feature non-slip pads, providing peace of mind during the transfer process.

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Man in wheelchair

As you can see, there is no shortage of help out there available to those who may have thought their driving or long-distance travelling days could soon be behind them. Along with disability-focused initiatives such as the Ford Motability scheme, the increasing number and range of car mobility aids are ensuring that everyone – regardless of their circumstances – can keep on enjoying everything the UK’s roads have to offer.  

Image Credit: Stevepb, Nile