The Ford Transit Connect was developed by Ford Europe and introduced back in 2002, since then the popular Flat panelled van has gone from strength to strength across the world, including the USA.
So popular, in fact, is the Transit Connect in America, that it has just had its 100,000th unit shipped to its shores ready to join the other great new Ford vans available. The Connect model is produced at Turkey's Kocaeli plant and shipped across to the states, where many companies are finding more and more unique uses for the wonderfully economic vans.
The 100,000th model is being sent to New York City to be used as a taxi cab, something which has been taking place since export began to America back in 2009. The smaller version of the Transit van has been finding use in a variety of commercial sectors, including as a Taxi in many of Americas cities such as, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Francisco.
To find out why the Ford Transit Connect has become so popular, head to your nearest van dealer, such as Foray Commercial, for a test drive.