The supermarket giant Tesco is currently undertaking trials for an innovative new mapping system, which should help its delivery vans to avoid traffic jams and alert its customers if their purchases are due to arrive behind schedule.
If the trials are successful, it is hoped that other light commercial vehicles such as new Ford vans will be able to take advantage of technology similar to that behind Mapster, which uses satellite navigation to pinpoint stretches of road that are experiencing heavy traffic.
Discussing the groundbreaking development, chief executive Philip Clarke explained that it is currently only being used for deliveries from a selection of Tesco stores around London, but that they plan to have the system ‘rolled out' all over the country in the first half of next year.
Transit vans and other professionals' vehicles would certainly benefit from this app during busy times of the working day, the success of which will be judged on how well it copes with the peak Christmas period.