TechRadar lists new Ford Kuga's top 10 features



Ford in the UK and around the world is known for being at the cutting edge of automobile technology, and this is especially prevalent in the brand new Ford Kuga 2013, which has already been making waves around the world of domestic SUVs.


This is so much the case, in fact, that the popular online technology magazine TechRadar has just published a list of its ten favourite new innovations to have been included in the new Kuga, which can be read here. The publication describes the model as being 'packed with all sorts of tech to make your driving life easier', and 'equipped with things you'd normally expect to find on a much more expensive car'.

The popular Ford SYNC is, almost inevitably, the first feature to be included on the top 10 list, with the groundbreaking voice recognition system accounting for much of the positive publicity that the iconic manufacturers have received in recent times. From music to text messages, the article explains how SYNC acts to make almost every aspect of managing technology whilst driving easier and safer than ever.

Indeed, safety seems to have been the main concern for the expert designers who came up with the concept of the new Kuga; the TechRader piece discusses how its driver alert system is designed to let those behind the wheel know when they may need to take a rest, whereas traffic sign recognition uses a front-facing camera to share information about details such as speed limits, which may have been missed whilst overtaking or otherwise becoming distracted.

From Active Park Assist to Auto City Stop, the remainder of the list is made up of features which have been much heralded by the automobile press as a whole recently, highlighting just how far Ford has come since classic models such as the first Fiesta for sale were made available decades ago.

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