Take a Tech Trek with us

Take a Tech Trek with us

Ford is a leader for in-car technology, designed to make your life safer and easier.

While it pioneers driverless cars, it already has technology in today’s models that can help you park, recognise when you need to brake in an emergency, and even read road signs to help you remember SUCH essentials as speed limits and safety warnings.

To help you understand just what the latest Fords can do for you, we are holding special technology events at English Ford and Yeovil Ford on January 16th and 17th.

Experts will be on hand to show you how our technology works for you and you can take a test drive to really get familiar with our latest products.

There’s no obligation, but with the new 16 registration plate just around the corner, we can help you recognise what great deals we have.

Motoring made easy – that’s your modern Ford.