Survey Shows Benefit of Camera Use

Intelligent Telematics is a camera solution company whose vehicle cameras are installed in thousands of commercial vehicles throughout the UK, and now the company has released the results of a survey showing that the cameras have provided a 45% reduction in the frequency of accidents. The survey analyzed over 2,000 vans and other commercial vehicles that have had the IT 1000 Solution installed for at least six months, and showed that not only was the incident of accidents reduced, but so were the costs that were involved. The costs dropped by 27%, which has been attributed to immediate intervention at the time of each incident.

According to Nick Plowman, CTO of the company, “We are seeing multiple benefits from using a 3G vehicle camera, which are helping fleets to operate more responsibly while at the same time reduce overheads. The 3G cameras are not only preventing incidents and discouraging other road users from making a fraudulent or inflated claim, but when an accident does happen the footage is available from the scene within seconds so first notification of loss is helping achieve substantial insurance claim cost savings.”

In addition to finding the incidence of accidents taking place reduced, the cameras revealed that the accidents that occurred were avoidable. This means that fleet managers have the opportunity to address safety issues and improve driver awareness of risk proactively. Plowman said, “Vehicle cameras have historically offered a reactive solution, recording footage to an in-vehicle SD card in the event of an accident. However, the introduction of 3G devices is enabling us to work closely with clients to implement a proactive and preventative solution that is achieving measurable improvements in terms of accident and cost reduction, while supporting ongoing Duty of Care strategies.”