A new report has shed light on just why there has never been a better time to invest in a new fuel efficient van such as one of the many new Ford vans currently available, including the classic Transit van.
The report, by the Automobile Association (AA), has shown just how much the price of diesel has risen in recent times. With fuel prices reaching record levels, now is certainly the time to start not only about thinking about our carbon footprint, but also think about how much we could save by reinvesting in a vehicle that costs less to run.
Two years ago, diesel within the UK was on average 137.59p per litre, now the research has shown that you will be paying 143.05p for the same amount.
For fleet owners, this is a large increase in costs that could be remedied by reinvesting in vans with more efficient engines, and those that are equipped with fuel efficient systems such as Ford's Auto-Start-Stop option as standard.