Summer release for voice activated in-car application


At the beginning of the year the Ford Motor Company revealed they had been developing an application that would allow the voice control of any applications used with their SNYC in-car system. The announcement was presented to ecstatic audience at the Mobile World Conference but only now have the motoring giants announced that the application will be available for releases this summer!

Known as App Link, the software is now set for a worldwide rollout due to an impressive and successful North American release earlier this year. Ford have, in the past, commented that one of the factors in designing more advanced in-car and infotainment systems for its vehicles is to ensure our driving time is spent more productively.

One example of the application in use, that Ford have already used, is the ordering of a takeaway whilst stuck in a traffic jam, this being done with the greatest of ease and in the safest possible way possible. The SYNC system is now available on many new Ford cars for sale from your nearest Ford car dealership.

Image credit: Randy Stern