Streamed Radio App Coming Soon for Ford Vans


A joint announcement by Ford UK and Radioplayer, an online music and radio app, will be welcome news to drivers of Ford vans. The two have announced that they are collaborating to enable Ford drivers to drive while listening to the apps playlists. Ford’s proprietary SYNC system will be integrating with the Radioplayer app. This means that fleet drivers who have the app downloaded on their smartphones will be able to use their voices to direct the playing of whichever audio program they want to hear, an important ability for those who need to focus on the road and keep their hands and eyes on the wheel.

The specially-enabled app will be the first offered in the United Kingdom, and it is appropriate that Radioplayer is the company offering it – the online hub features the best of British radio programming, including BBC audio, and many local and commercial stations. Radioplayer even enables drivers to hear student-run stations and community programming.

Studies have shown that commercial van fleet drivers listen to the radio more than most other drivers because they are in their vehicles so much more, and the availability of programming on the DAB-outfitted vehicles will make their driving more pleasurable as well as safety-enhanced. There are nearly 500,000 Ford vehicles that are already outfitted with digital audio broadcasting, capabilities in the UK, and a radio upgrade is available for those that do not have the capability for just L199. The addition of the Radioplayer app will allow those with the technology in their vehicles to stream online music as well as to listen to the digital audio stations.

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