Spy shots show Ford Fiesta ST in testing in America


The new Ford Fiesta ST is set to be released in the UK in 2013 and will be a fantastic vehicle for those seeking a high performance hatchback. The three-door Fiesta ST will be equipped with an EcoBoost engine. For those wondering about losing power because of this, you only to know that it has even been fitted to the current Ford RS World Rally Car.

The vehicle will be available throughout Europe during 2013, though Ford has not confirmed whether it will become one of the many fabulous Ford cars for sale in the states, but new spy shots have added fuel to the fire of expectant Ford enthusiasts.

The photos show a five door, six-speed manual Fiesta ST in the Colorado Mountains, where Ford seem to be testing high elevation numbers on the soon to be released vehicle. Many are crossing their fingers that the fantastic high performance Ford could become a common sight on the roads of North America; Ford previewed the car at last year's LA Motor show but, since then, have been tight lipped on which country will have Ford car dealers selling this gem.

Image credit:  autoblog.com