The spookiest UK roads to drive along this Halloween


With Halloween just a couple of days away, we thought it would be the perfect time to get into the spirit of all things creepy and talk to the experts of all things paranormal about some of the spookiest roads in the UK.

From sightings of a skull-faced cyclist to a medieval monk, would you dare to drive along these eerie roads this Halloween?

The Old Aberbeeg Road Policeman, South Wales

The A467 between Abertillery and Aberbeeg

old aberbeeg road

We spoke to Alison from Ghostpod, a podcast dedicated to sharing real ghost stories and paranormal experiences. We asked her what her favourite haunted UK roads are, and she was quick to mention the haunting of the old Aberbeeg road.

As a resident in South Wales herself, Alison is well aware of the haunting of the old Aberbeeg road, a lonely stretch of road shadowed by trees between Aberbeeg and Abertillery.

“Several ghosts and strange experiences have been reported here,” says Alison, “with the most well-documented ghost being associated with a true crime that happened in the early 1900s involving the ghost of a local policeman, Hosea Pope.

“At about 11pm on the 14th of July 1911, PC Pope tried to detain a notorious rogue called James Wise who had been causing trouble by throwing stones. A scuffle broke out between the two men, and Pope suddenly dropped down to the floor while Wise ran in the other direction. Pope had apparently died from heart failure, but the press and public were sceptical. Wise was spared the death penalty and given five years ‘penal servitude’ for manslaughter.

“Since the harrowing events that took place that fateful night, people have claimed to have seen PC Pope on his usual beat, wearing a cape and a tall hat. One man claimed to have seen this figure walking towards him staring him in the eye, before taking a pocket watch out of his cape. A high-pitched scream could suddenly be heard in the woods, which made the figure slowly turn and follow the sound. Although frightened, the man started following the figure into the woods, but the man disappeared.”

The Woodhorn Church Ghost Cyclist, Northumberland

The A197 between Woodhorn and Newbiggin-by-the-sea

woodhorn church notherumberland

Alison also told us about another haunted road, this time in Woodhorn, Northumberland.

“Northumberland has a very violent and turbulent history. From wars being held there to it becoming overrun with bandits, it’s unsurprising that it would be home to many ghosts and hauntings.

“This particular haunting however, is next to Northumberland’s oldest church in Woodhorn and is most likely one of the oldest in the UK itself. Although the church’s graveyard is notoriously haunted, this particular figure is known to haunt the busy road the runs past the church.”

“The ghost appears to be a miner, riding a black bicycle with flat handlebars and wearing pitman’s clothes with large, heavy boots and a cap. The rusty bike has big, squeaky wheels.

“The people that have seen him have said they barely took notice of him at first, except that he is dressed as though he is from another era. But as he approaches on his bike, people have noted he has no face, but instead a skull-like face with empty, black eye sockets peeking out from under his cap. His teeth are old and rotten, and apparently rattle from the big, rusty wheels of the bike. But just as quickly as you’ve seen him, he disappears.

“No one knows who this ghostly phantom is or how he died, but he sure has given some people a fright.”

The Legend of the Hairy Hands, Dartmoor

The B3212 between Princetown and Yelverton

hairy hands dartmoor

Al Cuin from British Paranormal told us about one of his favourite haunted road legends: The Legend of the Hairy Hands.

According to Plymouth Live, the Legend of the Hairy Hands dates back as far as the 1920s with old folklore claiming the haunting is between Princetown and Plymouth, on the western fringes of the moor.

Plymouth Live describes the legend as a pair of hairy hands that grab the steering wheels and handles of a cars and motorbikes and try to force unwitting travellers off the road.

The first incident took place in June 1921 and saw a Dartmoor Prison worker killed when he was unable to control his motorbike. “His children, who were riding in the side car, recounted the tale of how he shouted at them to jump out as he fought to regain control, and they watched him wrestle the handlebars before they managed to jump clear.”

The hands were next seen just three years later, when two travellers were awoken in night while in their caravan just north of Plymouth. “The woman said she saw a large hairy hand crawling up the window 'with evil intent'. Terrified she made the sign of the cross and the hand vanished.”

The Monk of Stocksbridge Bypass, Sheffield

The A616 Stocksbridge Bypass

stocksbridge bypass sheffield

Dubbed as the most haunted road in Britain, Al also told us about the Stocksbridge Bypass which is said to be haunted by several entities, including a medieval monk.

“There are regular reports of strange children playing in the fields at the side of the carriageway and then they disappear,” says The Haunted Place. “Or of figures suddenly appearing in the middle of the road.”

“The sightings were reported as soon as construction began on the new road, with the local people and researchers claiming the land was once home to many mines which claimed the lives of numerous children who fell down their shafts.

“There is also a local legend of a monk who, after falling from grace with the church, was buried somewhere on the land. One of the first on record, reported by two security guards patrolling the area, was the sighting of a dark figure dressed in monk’s robes.”

Hull Daily Mail says that many others have claimed to have seen the monk “staring blankly over the valley beside the road, with some even stating they have seen the apparition beside them in their vehicle.”

Do you think you’ll be visiting any of these spooky, haunted roads over Halloween? If you are, ensure you don’t break down when you’re driving in the middle of the night and look into getting yourself a new and reliable Ford car.


[Image credit: Robert Graham, Geograph; Colin Pyle, Geograph; Alan Hunt, Geograph; Wendy North, Geograph]