Speedy Adds 450 More Fords to its Fleet

In a continuation of its investment in driver safety, fuel economy and overall efficiency, Speedy has announced an addition investment of nearly £13 million into Ford fleet vehicles.

The company, which is known for its instantly-recognizable bright red vehicles, is one of the UK’s leading providers of rental equipment. It has ordered 400 Ford Transit vans, as well as a large number of Ford Rangers that are being custom-designed to meet specific clients’ needs. The company is also purchasing almost two dozen heavy goods vehicles and five bulk fuel tankers.

Speedy has long been seen as a leader in the field of providing service and equipment to industrial, manufacturing and construction industries, and in order to continue to lead, their management team emphasizes the importance of having the right equipment. Speedy’s logistics director, Richard Martin, was quoted as saying, “Our fleet is an extension of our company brand, so it is important that we choose the right vehicles to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.”

High on the company’s list of reasons for choosing Ford for this major investment was the efficiency of operation and low cost of fueling the Ford vehicles.

Speedy will be customizing the Ford fleet with onboard telematics so that they will be able to have immediate access to reports on driver behavior. Studies have shown that this type of real-time access is able to increase safety, reduce the costs of both insurance and fuel, and improve the overall life of the vehicle.