Spare Wheel Thefts Plaguing the UK


Police are reporting a spate of thefts of spare wheels from large vans, and particularly from the popular Ford Transits. Police are urging fleet managers to take precautions against the loss because the number of thefts has continued to increase. In most cases, the wheels are being stolen directly from the undercarriage of the vehicle, where a simple set of straps hold them in place.

The precautions that the police are suggesting apply both to driver behaviour and to the companies that are responsible for the vehicles. Most obviously drivers are being urged to park in well lit areas and keep their eyes open for suspicious characters or activities in the vicinity, while more aggressive measure include equipping the vehicles with additional straps that lock, or installing special bolts or alarms to the undercarriage.

It is suggested that whenever possible, LCVs with exposed spare wheels be parked within the boundaries of private garages or driveways, and that the wheels themselves be imprinted with some type of identifying information such as the company name of vehicle serial number. These markings should be done in permanent ink so that it can not be removed and preferably in an area that the thieves will not immediately take notice of. UV pens are particularly helpful, as they are invisible to the naked eye.