Smarter Driving course saves road users £7.5 million

The Department for Transport-funded Smarter Driving course has just finished training its 30,000th student, which is estimated to have created savings of over £7.5 million for UK businesses.

This innovative programme, which is operated by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), is specifically aimed at corporate organisations dependent on fleets of vehicles bought from groups such as Ford UK, who want to ensure they are getting the most out of their employees' road use.

Those behind Smarter Driving believe that completing the training could result in motorists spending as much as 20 pence per litre less on fuel which, if the driver in question does the national average of around 12,000 miles of road journeys per year, would equate to a reduction in annual expenditure of roughly £250.

The course has also proved popular amongst drivers and businesses alike because of the way the training it offers also improves the safety and green credentials of those who attend, helping to lower both carbon emissions and instances of accidents.

Announcing the passing of their landmark 30,000th pupil, officials at the EST also confirmed that they will be lowering the price of signing up to Smarter Driving. Programme manager Bob Saynor explained that block bookings for 100 or more employees will now cost just £15 per driver, down from £25, whilst smaller group bookings will be priced at £20 per driver.

Discussing the scheme, Andrew Hough, sustainable travel planner for the University of Manchester, said that drivers at the institution who took part in the course improved their road habits so much that their overall fuel consumption saw a drop of 18 per cent.

With high value and environmentally conscious models such as the Ford Fiesta for sale across the country, along with effective programmes like Smarter Driving, it is no surprise that carbon emissions have been tumbling in recent times.

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