Severn Bridge tolls reduced for vans

Soon the Severn Bridge toll, which is thought of as extortionate by some who have to cross regularly into South Wales, is to be drastically cut. The decision to scrap VAT charges on the toll will see van drivers paying the same as cars in a move that hopes to bring inward investment to Wales.

Those who have recently visited a new Ford van dealership in Andover will welcome the news as it will mean that from 2018 they will only have to pay £5.40 to cross the bridge, opposed to the £13.10 charge that they currently have to pay.

“We welcome the Chancellor's decision”

The change was announced in the Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget earlier this year, where he confirmed that the VAT charges would be scrapped once the two bridges return to public ownership, bringing the toll charges down in cost.

Of the announcement, Keith Palmer from the South Wales Chamber of Commerce said in this article, “We welcome the Chancellor's decision to reduce tolls on the Severn Bridge from 2018 so that Wales has the same opportunities to attract inward investment as other parts of the UK.”

Under Chapter 2 ‘Budget policy decisions’, section 2.47, the Budget states:

Reducing Severn River Toll – The government will, once the Severn River Crossings are in public ownership post-2018, abolish VAT and reduce tolls by the equivalent amount and, abolish Category 2 (small goods vehicles and small buses) and include those vehicles in Category 1 (motor cars and motor caravans), therefore reducing the toll paid by small goods vehicles and small buses.

With the cost also reducing for those more likely to visit a car dealer in Salisbury than a van salesperson, from the £6.50 that it currently is to £5.40, the news will be welcomed by motorists as well as business owners who frequently travel between England and Wales.

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