Sevenoaks District Council Continues its Ford Transit Connect Tradition


Though Sevenoaks District Council’s recent delivery of the new Ford Transit Connect makes it one of the first to receive the new vehicle, which only went on sale this year, it is a familiar ride for the council’s drivers, who have been using the previous generation Transit Connect for the last ten years.

The council uses its fleet to transport goods and documents within the district and beyond, and their previous experience with the Ford Transit Connect played a large part in their decision to continue with the brand, albeit in a new and upgraded line. According to Ian Finch, head of district services at Sevenoaks District Council, We expect this new Ford will be equally reliable as well as helping to further reduce the council’s total fleet emissions and fuel usage.” The group has a long-established annual vehicle replacement programme that allows it to continuously upgrade its fleet and make sure that all of its vehicles are still able to meet its needs. When it comes time for replacement, their priority is to find vehicles that are fuel efficient, create minimal emissions and are still effective.

The Ford Transit Connect is the perfect fit for the council’s specific needs, as its advanced engine provides approximately 24% better mileage and 25% lower CO2 emissions than the model that it replaced.