Selsia Introduces Helpful New Application

Selsia Vehicle Accident Centres, long known for their comprehensive accident services, has just introduced a new tool for use by their fleet clients designed to minimize the time spent in getting estimates for repairs and expedite the process of getting bodywork done.

The tool, called Selsia Central, is an online estimating service that will enable fleet managers and operators who are clients of Selsia to immediately notify the company about an accident and determine where the closest Selsia repair centre is and have an inspector arrive immediately to provide an inspection and estimate of what the cost of repairs will be. The system is expected to speed up the amount of time that a vehicle is off road due to damage, as well as to standardize the costs of most repairs.

Repairs will be predetermined within the client’s contract with Selsia, enabling those with customized vehicles or special needs to negotiate service prices that are appropriate for them. The system enables Selsia’s inspectors to check a van, indicate exactly where the damage is and what needs to be replaced or repaired, provide the cost differential for each, and send an electronic report to the fleet operator for approval. Should any corrections need to be made or questions asked it can be done online before the expense is authorized.

The service is free, and offers the benefit of a predetermined discounted cost basis for repairs, eliminating the need for fleet managers to spend time getting a second price estimate before going ahead with repairs.

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