Scrappage and special deals deliver a bright star to 2018

Ford has announced that its scrappage scheme is being extended for the first quarter of 2018.


So perhaps it makes sense, having struggled with your New Year resolutions so far, to make a new one – get rid of that business banger and smarten up both your image and efficiency with a sparkling new Ford van or pick-up.


The scrappage extension now embraces the Ranger pick-up, so there’s even more reason to get rid of that gas-guzzling old 4x4 and get out and about in the UK and Europe’s best-selling pick-up instead.


Ford is also bringing three revised models to the Transit range – new Custom, Connect, and Courier are on their way to Foray Group dealerships and that means we have outstanding offers on current stock.


Talk to our sales teams today to find out what’s on offer and how we can help drive your business forward with a new vehicle and a new image for 2018.


For more information on the Ford Scrappage Scheme, click here.