Scottish Police Choose Ford for their Fleet


The newly unified Scottish police force, Police Scotland, has announced that they have awarded their first contract for fleet vehicles to Ford. The Scottish force’s fleet will consist of 58 Ford Transit Custom models and 124 Ford Focus vehicles, and the new additions will increase the size of country’s police fleet to 3,500 vehicles in all.

Police Scotland was recently formed as a result of the merger of eight different police forces that had been operating independently across the country. According to Tony Chalk, Police Scotland’s transport manager, “The creation of Police Scotland has meant the centralisation of all purchasing for the police across the country, which improves standardisation and helps to reduce costs.”

According to Chalk, the selection process involved a thorough assessment of a variety of factors. “We chose from vehicles approved by the National Association of Police Fleet Managers, and after evaluation of the whole-life costs of the various models available, Ford won the contract.”

When asked for comment about the process of preparing vehicles for a special job like police enforcement, Ford’s direct sales manager Terry Adams was quick to point out that Scottish police forces from across the country have relied on Ford for many years and that Ford’s unique production process allows for the customization required for Police Scotland’s special needs. “They are stripped and equipped to the force’s requirements – everything from livery, sirens, and blue lights through to specialised equipment – and then they are delivered to the customer ready for action.”