The national Road Safety Week has just kicked off, running from the 19th until the 25th November, and organisers say that its main focus this year will be to urge drivers, and fleets in particular, to slow down and ‘Go 20' in busy residential and pedestrian areas.
Those behind this new initiative have said that their aim is to make sure that more walkers and cyclists are able to enjoy their leisure activities, which have the dual effects of being fun and good exercise, without the fear of being put at risk by a minority of light commercial vehicle operators who sometimes fail to act responsibly.
The 2012 programme has been launched by Brake, the UK's leading road safety charity, who have said that ‘Go 20' should be recognised by Transit van drivers in places which include regularly busy buildings such as schools, houses and shops. A number of high profile fleet owners have already publicly leant their support to the scheme through a range of awareness raising events and activities.
Any fleets which believe that their drivers could benefit from knowing more about Go 20 can currently contact those running Road Safety Week via their website and request a free package of electronic resources; included in this pack will be guidelines regarding how driver speed can be managed with increased effectiveness.
The proponents of Go 20 have already heaped praise on those fleet operators who rely on new Ford vans for their transport and have made a commitment to emphasising the importance of sticking to this speed in all potentially dangerous situations, whether or not the legal limit is 20 miles per hour.
One example of a company who regularly use Transits and are trying to make a difference in their local community is the Fleet Services arm of construction giants Balfour Beatty, who are delivering safety presentations in a number of schools in the area surrounding their Derby headquarters.