Road safety seminar planned for next year

Officials from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) have confirmed that they will be hosting a special seminar next year, to help drivers and businesses improve their safety on the road.

The unique event will focus entirely on new, innovative and cost effective ways in which danger to drivers, passengers and pedestrians can be reduced, with the potential benefits of several groundbreaking technological advancements being discussed. The seminar will take place at Birmingham's Conference Aston venue on March 7th.

Whilst RoSPA have been holding seminars similar in their aim to this for almost 80 years now, an increased amount of importance is being placed upon the planned 2013 event; this is because the last year has seen the number of serious accidents happening on the UK's roads increase for the first time in almost a decade.

With the new vehicles available from Ford car dealers offering more advanced and reliable safety features than ever before, there are now fewer instances than ever in which incidents like this could occur, which means that these most recent figures are particularly surprising. As a result, organisers of the event decided that focusing on extending mainstream knowledge of the kind of amazing safety improving technological devices that are now widely in circulation was the best route to go down.

A wide variety of policymakers, practitioners and researchers of road safety issues are expected to attend the RoSPA seminar, with guest speakers set to include the group's road safety manager, Kevin Clinton, as well as Richard Jelbert, who is the chief technology officer for My Drive Solutions, along with others.

Owners of new and used Ford car dealers and those who buy from them will be treated to a series of talks and demonstrations relating to new safety improving tactics like the use of social media and black box systems which measure and record, for example, acceleration and breaking rates, on top of vehicle location data.

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